CAC Group insists on technology driven strategy as our sustainable development strategy, after decades of indefatigable efforts, CAC now owns industry-leading technologies in the production process of our core products.



CAC has the global-leading ammoxidation technology with continuous R&D system to keep our leading position in this field. The system includes the R&D of catalyst, evaluation system for continuous production,  10,000-ton scale industrialization capability and HSE management system. CAC is also operating the largest single set of ammoxidation equipment in the world with our leading technology.


CAC group has mastered the world's leading continuous hydrogenation technology under high/low pressure with fix bed and fluid bed reactors for large tonnage fine chemicals. Besides that different series of products can be produced by simply changing the catalyst.


CAC group has developed highly selective chlorination technology of lower olefin (alkane) and aromatic ring. This technology has improved the reaction yield and product quality by using high-efficiency catalysts and advanced separation equipment and integrating the technology of directional synthesis, high-efficiency separation and wastes recycling. With the advanced technology, CAC is able to achieve continuous clean production under 10,000-ton scale.


Based on the ammoxidation and chlorination technology, we have developed high efficiency catalytic fluorination technology. Combined with distillation technology, CAC has developed the production technology for large tonnage fluorine-containing intermediates of pesticides. With special development facilities for continuous fluoridation and our know-hows in hydrogenation and fluoridation field, CAC is also in possession of technology of producing new generation of coolant as well.

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