With over 20 years’ development in chemical manufacturing, CAC now owns three important TC production bases and one formulation center, which locates in Nantong Rudong, Xuzhou Xinyi ,Jiangxi Xingan and Jiangsu Suzhou respectively. Covering an area of approximately 100 hectares, having over 1500 employees, the factories have more than 20 agrochemical and fine chemical products with a production capacity over 100,000 tons/year for TC and a formulating & packaging capacity over 20,000 tons/year for different types of formulations.

The power of CAC on core product manufacturing comes from the continuous investment of CAC on technology innovation and management optimization. With years of efforts, CAC manufacturing bases now have advantages on scale, automation and standardization fields, and are producing super quality products like chlorothalonil, 2,4-D and azoxystrobin.

With excellent production management team, prospective project planning layout, standardized management system, advanced automated manufacturing equipment, world leading production technology, and stable operation performance, manufacturing bases of CAC have become the model factories in the respective industry park, and have obtained high-level endorsement from domestic and foreign customers.

The formulation center in Suzhou covers an area of 35,000 m2, and has an annual production capacity of over 20,000 KL. It is responsible for the development and production of formulations of CAC, and it is capable of developing various formulation types such as SC, OD, EW, EC, WP, WG etc. The factory also maintains long-term OEM cooperation with multinational companies such as DOW and NUFARM.

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